ULCOS 600은 1 또는 2개의 아날로그 출력과 2개의 릴레이 출력을 가질 수 있는 교류 또는 전압 입력을 위한 컨버터 입니다.
ULCOS 600은 10년의 보증기간을 제공합니다.

Input Gauges

Converter Inputs Outputs Communication
Number of Analog Number of Relay
Alternating current Alternating voltage 1 2 2 Indirect USB
ULCOS 600I1      
ULCOS 620I2    
ULCOS 600V1      
ULCOS 620V2    

Input Gauges

Alternating current
Standard scales : 0-1A ; 0-5A
Adjustable scales : From 0 to 6,5A
Alternating voltage
Standard scales : 0-10V ; 0-50V ; 0-120V ; 0-250V ; 0-500V
Adjustable scales : From 0 to 1000V
External CT choice Value : 1-9999 or 5-9999KA
External VT choice Value : 1-9999KV

Output Gauges

Output Current Standard scales : 0-20mA ; 4-20mA
Adjustable scales : From 0 to 22mA
Output Voltage Standard scales : 0-10V
Adjustable scales : From 0 to 11V
Possible assignment I (ULCOS 6XXIX) / V ULCOS 6XXVX) or F
Output Relay Relay 1RT – Max current : 500mA
Max voltage : 250Vac/220Vdc – Max power : 60Vac/30W
Possible assignment I (ULCOS 6XXIX) / V ULCOS 6XXVX) or F
Communication USB Cable (ULCOS 100) on Front Panel


Type Non backlit LCD
Color Green
Number of characters 4
Numbers of lines 4
Programming joystick 5 positions
Input characteristics  
Current input impedance on CT
Voltage input impedance >10MΩ
Frequency From 40Hz to 70Hz
From 360 to 440Hz
Maximum measurable voltage ULCOS 6XXVX : 1000V
Maximum measurable current ULCOS 6XXIX : 6,5A
Overload ULCOS 6XXIX :



  • 50A maximum for 1S
  • 10A maximum permanent
Output characteristics  
Permissible impedance on the current output <900Ω
Permissible impedance on the voltage output >800Ω
Supply / Input – Output1 – Output2 – USB 4200Vrms, 50Hz, 1mn
Input / Output1 – Output2 2500Vrms, 50Hz, 1mn
Input / USB Without
Output1 – Output2 / USB 2500Vrms, 50Hz. 1mn
Output1 / Output2 Without
Auxiliary source  
Voltage supply 22-240Vdc or 90-230Vac 50/60Hz
General characteristics  
Precision class 0,25
Input analog/digital conversion 24 bits
Output analog/digital conversion 16 bits
Response time <200ms
RMS True up to rank 11
Thermal drift <25ppm
Residual ripple on current output <20μA
Residual ripple on voltage output <10mV
Maximum of consumption <7VA
Operating temperature -10°C … +60°C
Storage temperature -25°C … +80°C
Protection factor IP20 Black self-extinguishing polyamide housing V0